Oct 2019 Sept 2020

Neuroscience PGR student representative, University of Sussex

I was elected by my peers to represent all neuroscience postgraduate research students at the university for one academic year. I received the Student Rep Bronze Award for my engagement and commitment to the role. My role involved collecting student feedback and presenting student opinions to university staff, to improve the quality of courses, and resolve any issues affecting students such as study spaces, assessments, deadlines, or other things impacting their academic experience.

Importantly, I sat on the Periodic Review for Life Sciences panel to help review the quality and standards of the School’s educational provision over time and to ensure that the curriculum is aligned to the University’s strategies and policies. With the help of other student reps within the School, I was also responsible for organising the Life Sciences PhD Symposium 2020.

I was a panel member of the following:

- School of Life Sciences Research Degree Committee.

- School of Life Sciences Student Experience Group.

- Neuroscience Board of Study Meeting.

- Life Sciences Periodic Review.

Jan 2016 Jun 2017

Founder and President of the Glasgow University Organ Donation Society

I created an affiliation with the university’s Student Representative Council and I formed a partnership with the Scottish Government’s National Health Service to assist them in increasing donations to their Blood and Transplant Department by raising awareness of the need for more organ donors.

Transferable skills: leadership, communication, forming and maintaining partnerships.

Sep 2014 Jun 2016

Head of College Scholars’ List Scheme, University of Glasgow

I was added to this Scheme as a recognition of my outstanding undergraduate Level 2 and Level 3 performance (I placed in the top 10% of all life sciences, medical, veterinary, and dentistry undergraduate students in my year group in assessments), and because I took an active part in the associated extracurricular activities of the scheme.

Sep 2014 May 2015

Student Representative in the School of Life Sciences, University of Glasgow

I was elected by my peers to represent all second-year life sciences students at a staff-student liaison committee and several smaller meetings. I facilitated communication between students and staff, and provided feedback in order to produce a constructive change within the course.

Transferable skills: negotiation, conflict management, public speaking.

Jun 2007 Jun 2012

School Prizes and Scholarships

  • Full one-year Scholarship for outstanding academic performance in 2010-2011.
  • Three end-of-year Academic Distinctions from 2010 to 2012.
  • Ten 1st Prizes for outstanding academic performance in: Computers (2013), Accounting (2010, 2011, 2012), English (2010, 2011), Text Production (2010, 2011), Italian (2011), Science (2007).
  • Two 2nd Prizes for outstanding academic performance in: Mathematics (2012), Computers (2010).